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Issaquah Custom Home

  • Front Elevation
  • Entry stairs
  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Master Bath
  • Master Bath Tub
  • Master Vanity

The clients that hired Cornice Construction to build this home had purchased a home on what they thought was a large lot with the plans of subdividing it and building another home. They contacted Cornice Construction to short plat the lot and build the custom home they had designed. When Cornice Construction researched the property with King County, they discovered the property was two legal lots that had been combined for tax purposes. They did not have to subdivide it. The client submitted for the permit and we were soon under construction.

The clients had several specialty items that set their home apart from others. They used floating counter tops for the bath vanities, the stair railings were wraught iron finished with car paint to match the door hardware, the kitchen cabinets were purchased and shipped from overseas. Cornice Construction enjoys the challenges and visions of doing things that haven't been done or are not the norm.

Architect: Lunde Architect Ltd.

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